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Monkey Nutrients pk 15/14

Fantastic results, super concentrated, sadly only available in the UK

$23.99 CAD

平均評価 4.5 /5

Cronk Bonnie & Clyde Autoflower Nutrients Kit

Cronk Bonnie & Clyde 4.0 (4.5, 4.0, 4.0)
-A great easy to use autoflower base nutrient that pulled me a pound of Night Owl Blue Sprayed Shoes!
Watch for some PH reservoir drift but expect an exciting grow with fantastic end results using the cronk lineup and schedule.

$29.99 CAD

平均評価 4 /5

Cronk Bud Booster

Good results & simple to follow the feeding schedule.

$124.99 CAD

平均評価 null /5

Cronk CalMag

Great that they incorporated this into their feeding schedule Now if they could drop the N to 1 👑

$14.00 CAD

平均評価 4.5 /5

Cronk Monkey Juice

Great results in my dirt/dwc test! More testing coming

$29.99 CAD

平均評価 4 /5

General Hydroponics Cal Mag

Because of the low nitrogen 1-0-0 its my go to!


平均評価 5 /5

Green Planet Duel Fuel

Dual Fuel is so simple and easy to use and it's one of the cheapest on the market!
It PH’s itself between 6 & 6.5 everytime on its own and doesn't float much at all.
Dual Fuel makes big buds and that equates to big smiles! Confidence level 10

$41.98 CAD

平均評価 4.5 /5

Green Planet Massive Bloom

Massive is one of my favorite flowering additives I have ever used! Big bud builder! Cost efficient! You must reduce base nutrient when using to avoid ppm/ec spike!

$27.99 CAD

平均評価 4.8 /5

Green Planet Ocean Magic

Atlantic Ocean Sea Kelp 🙌🍁🍁 Its hard to measure its so dark!

$48.99 CAD

平均評価 4.5 /5

Green Planet Starter Kit

This is a great starter kit to use for autoflowers in any substrate. Don't forget to buy cal-mag as it doesn't come in the kit!

$69.99 CAD

平均評価 4.5 /5

Green Planet Vita-thrive

Great for seedlings and in veg for boosting the plants immune system!

$27.99 CAD

平均評価 null /5

Green Planet Liquid Weight

You can smell the molasses and sugar big time! If this came in a dry form, omg..

$20.99 CAD

平均評価 4.5 /5
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