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#14 Purple Lemonade(Fastbuds) Megapot Rain-ScienceShowdown

Updated: 3 days ago

Here we Go! The Rain Science Megapot showdown starts now!

10 gallon fabric vs 10 gallon Rain Science grow off, bag vs bag 🙈

Thank you Rain Science for sending me out a few different sizes to try 👍👍 I know how well the regular fab works and I am interested to see how well these new bags will perform in the Megapot 👊


2 beans were floated on a heating mat for a day then planted straight into their forever home. Just over 48hrs under the X1000 both popped up and are looking good with all their parts in order ❤️ They will be covered with a dome for the next coming weeks during germination and also getting a few mild doses of Monkey Nutrients.

This going to be an exiting grow 💥🍻

Thanks for reading ☮️❤️


Savage Growth

Rain Science with a full bush! Both day 34


2 live Purple

These 2 PL's are both looking outstanding for how old they are, both have absolutely exploded with the Rain Science girl taking the lead of size, branching and she is bushier. The RS bag does not wick up the nutrient solution like the fabric pot does, the fabric girl's ph is consistently lower and has been below 5.4, I'm topping up and adjusting her fluid daily, the RS is solid & steady. They both are throwing roots out of there bottom's with the RS roots showing first, also there are more of them and they are noticeably thicker. I really like how these Rain Science bags are performing so far over the fabric. I think adding Rain Science would be adding 1 one more gear to a Formula 1 car🏎️🏁

The girls are about to start stretching and from how they have been behaving this is going to be quite the show. This combination of Photontek, MegaPot & Monkey is killer ❤️💪

Have a great week ☮️❤️


Rain Science!



It's day 18 for these two Purple Lemonade's and I'm impressed with them so far🙌 The Rain Science bagchic is a little bigger than her mate but not by much. I notice the RS bag does not wick up the nutrients like the fabric does, I have to top up and adjust the solution in the fabric twice as much as RS. I really like the RS bags so far👍👍 There is signs of too much light on the fabric PL, so I have moved up the entire light 3' in hopes that this will help her and the future little ones climatize to the big power of the Photontek. 650ppm's of Monkey today🙈

I see 2 beauties on the way 😍🍻

Thanks for reading ☮️❤️

End of week 2


Walking the 715W Razors edge!

Bottom feeding has begun, she has almost outgrown of her clear dome and is off to the big show! There isn't much difference between the 2 at this point 🍻

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