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#13 LSD 25 (Fastbuds) Hempy Mod V IIIII

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


WEEK 1 & 2

😵 😵

I hope she enjoys her stay and has a great long life! Its day 1 for this little girl in the giant Mega Hempy version 4 🤣 Not 1 Hempy build has been the same, they are all a little different with some different parts inside not knowing what the outcome will be.

I like the concept of the Hempy Bucket and I see lots of ways to modify it and that's just what I'm doing here, this one is a built with a garbage can base 😁

The substrate, Tricked up Pro-Mix HP

Monkey Nutrients for the win 👈

Currently she is just off to the side of 680W and about 5ft away covered under her humidity dome. This Photontek X1000W PRO is the brightest light I have ever seen and trust me, you must respect it or you will fry anything that is living underneath it easily.

👊Exciting popping LSD-25👊

Thanks for reading 🍻

Have an amazing day ☮❤




Oh lord ya'

Day 58! She's stacking up nicely and packing on the tonnage!


Full Rip

As week 2 of flower is underway Lsd25 is looking fantastic! We can see the purple quite clear now pouring out of her her. Bottom feeding is out the window, I know for sure the underground build has completely collapsed so we are top feeding from now on 🥹 Video coming 🍻☮️❤️



This is very exciting to see LSD25 thrive in full blown stretch! She is loving 710 watts for 22hrs.

The only regret is not putting her in a Megapot.


Sleeping Beauty

Day 25 today and I this beauty is right on the verge of exploding. She was defoliated and trained yesterday and you wouldn't know it today. Her color looks excellent, 100 times better than version 1 💗We have a winner here💗 She is soaking up the 700+ watts of Photontek love like nothing.


Giant Hempy mod failure, take 2👈

V2 Day 20 is on point!

This strain is limey green compared to the others in the tent, the black swan?

A week of great gains for this girl in the Cana cave,

This is the youngest of the gang and she is hanging with the big girls sitting directly under 700+W showing no signs of light stress. The learning curve of the X1000 has been a painfull one to say the least but perseverance has payed off👊

We should see her start to strut her stuff anytime now 🦚

I have waited a long time to grow this and I can say I'm so stoked for this one 💥"A mix of diesel, red wine, and burnt wood" its described as 👍

As messed us as it is Im trying a new feeding program for this plant with the Monkey juice and I'm praying it works lol . V3 would suck....

Wish us luck 🙈

Have a great week



Mello Yellow

I'm not sure what's going on exactly but something doesn't seem right with the yellow leaves so I have popped a 3rd bean. V3 is in a completely new bucket and substrate and yellow too,

bizzarro. Have you ever grown this and your plant looked like this?

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