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#12 20:1 Fastbuds CBD DWC(Hydrobucket) & Hempy-mod

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The CBD grow is on and I'm growing 2 more Fastbuds 20:1 to replenish my stock. I have chosen Monkey Nutrients for the dwc, I have never tried Monkey in hydro and I'm really looking forward to see how it preforms👊😮 The second bean is going into a modified Hempy bucket with Pro-Mix and I will be using Cronks Bonnie & Clyde💥🍁🍻


Day 1 of life officially for the cbd's as the 2 popped up at the same time last night👍👍

DWC is up and alive but looking a little cockeyed with some mutant leaves. No panic yet, I am pretty sure she will straighten out 🤞😵🤞 Her partner hempy looks good and has all her parts in order, she is ready to rock in roll🙌

Today they are on the edge of 700w of Phontontek's X1000 Pro love machine ❤ This light is absolutely amazing! Turning up the power really livens up this 5x10 making some serious light🔥

Here we go🤞🤞👊👊👊👊


👊Game Over💥



The hempy Cronk train is d77 and on her last week before she gets flushed. DWC Monkey is d54 and is packing on the weight fast. They both have stretched to 24' from the X1000 with the par topped at 750 at the canopy👈


Great Gun Girls!

These 2 CBD's are tough tough cookies! They both have had some early light and heat stress but both have rebounded and both are now kicking ass! Ms. Hempy is on fire and dove right into flower stacking buds up the branches perfectly top to bottom. CBDWC is in pre flower and is just starting to stretch her arms. The light adjustments I have made have been more than confusing to me but I truly believe I got it right now..


Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Sorry for the late updates.

I must say this has been quite the learning curve dialing in this new setup. It has been a challenge working with much more power than I have ever worked with before but I believe I got it dialed right in now. I replaced the dwc bean with a new one so she is half the age as hempy now.,

The 2 CBD's are looking good today and looking happy in a much more favorable environment 👌.

I'm digging how well the Hempy bucket is working so far and I have Cana Hempy V2 planned already🤣👍


One Girl Down....

CBDDWC did not straighten out so she got yanked from the party and V2 is on. Hemp-C is on point and looking great with bottom feeding only now. The first time using Hemp rig and so far so good! She is getting maximum par right now of 278par under 794W of Power! 2' forward and she is toast!

Now I am using 20 on 4 off lighting schedule along with a 2 hr sunrise & 2 hr sunset mode.

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Got#420 #Skillz
Got#420 #Skillz
May 19, 2023

That's Awsome I have never grown a CBD strain b4 .

Do u make some form of CBD product or do u smoke the CBD. 🤔❓

May 23, 2023
Replying to

Yes I make edibles with it and It works great man. Mostly for sleeping. buying cbd is the biggest scam ever 🙌🍻

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