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#8 Grape Crinkle Mephisto Genetics (Megapot)

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Who's Your Daddy 🍅

The new Mr Olympia Open Class Super Heavyweight Bodybuilding champ of the universe is here! Photontek's new flagship Godzilla\Mammoth\Behemoth Beast! The X1000W PRO is in the house and ready to go! It is absolutely gorgeous! The craftmanship is second to none, I'm in awe and in love❤💥

With the new light/tent combo and with Mephisto, Megapot & Monkey Nutrients stack... BOOOOM 👊 This next run is goin to be sick!!!! I hope you all enjoy!

Here we go ☮❤


Bud rocks!

Only a few days left ✂️✂️✂️

She is sensational!


Day 100 photo shoot!


Flushing in T-minus 2 days!

She is almost 90days and has turned the corner heading to the finish line. The frost on her is exceptional 🤌❤️


COLA cola

I'm just amazed how well this Grape Crinkle has turned out, she is huge! There are colas, colas & more colas! She is still feeding from the Mega pipe for another week for sure and we see after that💪 I lifted the X1000 up a few inches, I think she was getting a hair too much par, this last fine tune for this light should be it. Leaf tacos and yellowing tips are the signs! The plants & colas the Photontek is producing is the best I have grown, its so impressive!


780HP/1000Lbs @ Torque 🔥

My Apogee SQ500 par dyno report!

All hell is breaking loose with this beast Ms Crinkle. she is taking up some serious space in the 5x10. She has stretched to 780 par now and is showing signs of absolute maximum she can handle! Today I have backed the power off 1%. The bud stacking on this babe is incredible and I really couldn't be happier 🙌 The X1000 is performing so good 💪😍

Megapot & Monkey Nutrients 👊💥🙈


Oh my god she's gonna, she's gonna pop!

V2 Grape Crinkle is out of this world! She is massive getting seriously huge. She is draining the Mega tray in hours, 2lts a time twice a day of about 1000ppm. With the endless buffet of Monkey juice and the best photons around she is showing us what she can really do. The big stakes are coming out! we are going to need them for sure! She has stretched to 700 par and still climbing!

The new light schedule is as follows, 22hrs light on / 2 off with 1hr sunrise & 1 hr sunset mode enabled.



Thunder Lips


Yes Grasshoppa

I have crashed and burned so many times but I have finally figured out how to drive this X1000 Pro 💪😎 V2 Crinkle is taking shape to be a beast. Her leaves look good and healthy not scorched and burned to a crisp. She is about to go into flower and start to stretch to the sky, another defoliation and some training and she's good to go 👊


Hey Sexy Lady..

Were off to the races and tearing through week 1 of veg with flying colors, lets not trip and fuck this up again😮 So far so great sitting directly under almost 700w for 20hrs a day she is looking healthy and strong💪. Today she was pinned down and lifted up at the same time completing her first day at lst traing camp 😁👊👊

****Disaster To The Max****

Sad times, what a shame, Grape Crinkle has kicked the bucket, after a few weeks of decline I have decided to pull the plug on this plant and start over. She was not putting on any weight what so ever, stopped drinking and was falling over. 100% user error on my part, as you can see in some of the pictures how scorched the leaves are and how thin she was. I light stressed her to another universe and beyond. This X1000 is no joke and can easily fry a plant when given too much juice, I thought I had this beast dialed in but obviously I was very wrong..

She was chopped, bagged and off to the freezer for some bubble hash.

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