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#9 Stilton Special Mephisto (Megapot)

Updated: Jul 26

The Cheese Factory

As a cheese-a-holic this is going to do me in 🤣 MegaWatts, MegaPots, MegaCrops, Mega Thoughts 💪😍👌🧀

Im so exited for this next grow! I have the new Godzilla of all lights here hooked up and ready to go! Photontek sent me their X1000W Pro flagship sexy beast 🐉🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

She is so gorgeous on the eyes its ridiculous😍 Movistar, bombshell, actress... all of them 😁

Here we go 👊💥 Thanks for having a look, I hope you follow along!

Cheers! ☮❤

🏁🏁🏁 The Finish Line

Day 112

Cut down today

Day 110 🤙


Slow n' Down

Smelly Kelly has been flushed now and is on to the last stage of her life here in the torture chamber,

Flushing 10 gal pots takes a ton of water to get the HP down to about 50 ppm.. the only negative using a pot this size.

She is getting about 600 par at the moment which is absolutely max for (this) plant, I bet she could take more par. Next time I grow her better like a peacock 🐔

The buds are firming up nicely and are quite frosty, I love the berry cheese smell of this strain, its a keeper for sure and I'm really looking forward to smoking it😍

The tent is finally dialed in and the next pack of plants are looking great so it wont be long before I pop this Stilton again!

2 weeks to go 🪓🍻☮️❤️



Berry Impressive!

Not the size that's impressive, its the smell! Its blue cheese all day.. wow 👍👍 I like it 👍👍

I wonder how this plant would have turned out if I didn't scorch her half to death with too much light early on...

We will find out because I will be growing this again giving her a second chance to really show her stuff. ☮️❤️


The stank

Man, the smell off this girl is amazing, Its a blueberry cheesy funky thing! Too bad she didn't stretch more and show off her real potential, She's had a rough time here at Cana's testing center under the Photontek X1000w light getting fried daily so I'm thinking I may grow this one more time. She is getting nice and frosty everywhere and the buds are tightening up! The Megacrop buds 🤜👊



Wow what a week of flowering💥 The SS is off to the race in full blown panic mode man at day 48. She is right on the border of too much light at 650w @ 3ft-3' away and we are not at 500 par yet. I hope I get a stretch going or I have a small block of cheese coming 😁 If that is the case I will regrow this strain and shoot for a real plant. I have friiiied all the girls to some extent learning this beast X1000W PRO and I wont stop until I dial it in and figure it out 👍😎😍

750-800 ppm of Megacrop & Sweet Candy ph'd to 6.0 has been working great and stable so far so I will keep it there for this week too 👍👍


Mind Games

We are looking not too bad today for day 40 or day 4 of flower under 629watts / 60% /39'' from the canopy measuring 465 par. Its scary turning up the power as it doesn't seem right, the plants don't seem ready for any more power. learning this beast as it is way different than anything else I have used before. I'm running the light 24/7 and that is different from the provided light strategy from Photontek so I'm trying to figure out the sweet spot for my growing style. I have killed a couple plants so far and fried so many leaves learning 😮


Week 3 Vegetation

Survivor Island

After 3 weeks of rough housing and this SS has survived some not so great conditions of high & low humidity. Its sorted now and all seems good and dialed in at the moment 🤞

This new light is great and Im getting used to using it.

Today Im 26' away from 430 watts @ 420 par!

Week 2 Vegetation


I was so close to frying the entire crop in one foul swoop! SS made it with obvious signs of way too much light! Today were sitting at 30' from 250W at about 250par recuperating

Were dancing now! SS is looking happy!

The new tent & light is so nice, I'm still dialing in the temp & humidity but all is good 🤞

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