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Dozer & Bentley

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Way back in early 2010 we were fortunate enough to find "Dozer", an Old English / Victorian Bulldog who joined our home at 8 weeks of age. He was the most loyal, happy, joyful dog you could hope for. He gave us 10 of the most incredible years ever, with so many great memories that we will all never ever forget.

In 2021 Dozer fell ill and developed Vestibular Disease, a version of Vertigo and his health declined very quickly. Sadly he left us on August12th. This was devastating for our family and we spent many months grieving the loss of our boy and coming to terms with the loss. The dogless walks, no dog waiting at the front door and no dog to cuddle with took its toll, and we felt it was time to find Dozer 2.0

That is when we found Bentley!

Bentley was born January 21st, 2022, His parents are both American Bulldogs

Here is Dad on the left a Johnson American Bulldog, 80lbs

Mom on the right a Scott American Bulldog about 70lbs

Together, they produced our little angel of death, Bentley👶

With his face wrinkles and underbite he looks more like his father.

Bentley January 2023 snow play day with a few of his friends just after his 1st birthday!

Bentley, Nella & Lilly way in the back

Bentley & Nella

Bentley with a few of his friends. Feb 6

A6400, Sigma 1.4 lens shot in f2.8

Demon Coda

Charlie in pink

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