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Mango Smile (Mephisto) Megapot

Updated: 3 days ago

Here we go on another wild ride with a very cool bean sent to me from my good friend T-man from down under Mango Smile from Mephisto. She will be growing in the 10 gallon MegaPot, Pro-Mix HP, Monkey Nutrients, Grow light Photontek X1000WPRO, Tent, Indo 5x10


1 bean was floated in a cup of ph'd de-chlorinated tap water and placed on a heating mat for 24 hours covered. She popped open overnight and was planted directly into her forever home, then coved with a dome to create humidity and placed directly under the big light to germinate.

About 60 hours later, little Joey had emerged looking bright eyed and bushy tailed sniffing for some Monkey

She is about 48' away from 715W that on on for 22hours a day / 2hours off with 1hour sunrise / 1hour sunset setting enabled! I love this feature

BTW this girl has been around the world and seen the 7 seas, TWICE 不seriously! She was has been in travels for almost a year when she left Australia for Canada. This is a lucky bean I think Videos coming

Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!


60hrs of Incubating

Day 10 of germinating. She is doing well so far and starting to grow. I'm moving her slowly closer to the dance floor and watching closely how she reacts to the 700+W,

Were balancing right on the edge #canastyle


The duck is in the pond

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