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#10 Red Poison (Sweet Seeds) Hempy Mod V II

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


Red Monkey Hempy mod V II 😍

Week 1 underway 👍👍

No rest for the wicked, here is Red Poison from Sweet Seeds growing in Pro-Mix HP in another different modded Hempy pot. Monkey Nutrients for the win🐒 Currently she is sitting under 690W, This is crazy germinating these young ones under this much power but I'm going for it 😵☀😵

Thanks for reading 🙌☮❤

Have an amazing day



Prepare for landing ✈️

The calyx's are swelling up fast n furious as she is starting to ripen up! Time for a good flush and get her ready for the final hurrah. She smells' so good! SweetSeeds 😍🙌 The last 2 weeks will be only ph'd rain water and a little manicuring, then that's all she writes says "The Body"🪓

This tent environment is perfect, The AC Infinity 69Pro controller works great guiding me. My VPD floats between 0.90-1.20, housing flowering plants, vegging & seedlings all in one tent.

Have a great day 🍻❤️☮️

What is your favorite color?


Berry Delicious 😋

Touch & smell 💨💨🤩🤩

This is going to be an amazing smoke from what I can smell right now! Its sensational berries!

I checked the runoff after a feed and the ph was 4.7! It took 80ltrs to bring it back to 6.1. That was a close call!

I see right away she is putting on weight after flushing 🫶

The Photontek x1000 is ridiculously good 👍👍


Purple Patty D59

Another great week of powerful growth for Red Poision in the 5x10💪 She is still on the stretch flexing here stuff climbing to 24' away from the light and hitting about 710par at the canopy. I'm feeding here daily of about 1.5ltrs /1100ppm's of Monkey and always overflowing a few cups of runoff. I see some amazing big buds forming fast on this girl. The once not so crowed big tent is now crowed full of these mommas, This current setup is it! I believe I have found the sweet spot 👊 Have an amazing day, thanks for reading 🍻☮️❤️


Found the food bank💪

This plant has exploded over the last week bigtime and is stretching like a boss getting closer and closer to the light.

You can see the trichomes starting to form and the purple is just starting too😎

Yehaww here comes the show 💥🍻

This Photontek is the real deal, I'm really impressed at what I'm seeing with the bud stacking👍Im running the X1000 at about 70% and the canopy par is about 700

The Monkey nutes are solid 🍻 give them a try if you can, you wont be disappointed 🙈🙉🙊

Have a great week👊



Where's the food bank?

From the looks of her leaves I need to increase her food intake a few notches. I was feeding her around 500ppm of Monkey and that is too low it seems. Crystal Meth on the other hand is yelling at me to back off that amount 😮

Red Poison is about 9' tall now and has stretched to 490par she will get a defoliation today along with some lst setting her up for flower👍💪🍻


The Downward Dog

Red has assumed the position😮😍 This girl is off to an amazing start looking nice and green and healthy. She has developed a nice set of shoulders on her already so today I decided to give her her very 1st lst training session and bent her over downward dog style💪🐕

She is loving the Monkey juice & loving the X1000! I hope we can keep up this momentum! This Hempy Mod is working very well 👍🤔🤔🤔

I see big things here 🤟💥☮️❤️

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