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#6 Bruce Banner Darkowl (Megapot) Throw-Down

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Here we go, its time for a throw-down! Monkey Nutrients vs Megacrop ! Greenleaf Nutrients + Greenplanets PowerSi & Massive! Both will be growing in the 10 gallon Megapot!

I have chosen the elusive Darkowl's Bruce Banner #3 Auto for this grow, this is an incredible rare collaboration between Darkhorse Genetics & Nightowl (Daz). I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pack of these rare bad boys and I think this is a perfect project to use them.

2 beans are floating in ph'd dechlorinated tap water on a heating mat that is set to 80f and covered in the tent in the dark. Updates as they come !

Thanks for having a look!



1 bean has popped and I will plant it today... the other looks sleepy and tired... I pop a 3rd..

Monday morning bean check I notice that the warming germination pad is way hot to the touch and the seed dish was the same... I seriously think I might have poached them.. Fingers crossed..

No poaching, the second seed has popped and it is planted..

Yes! Yes! Yes! She's crowning 🤣

The first seed is almost here! Just a few days in her sweat box of 34C she is breaking ground! But it is The Danger Zone! fingers crossed again this little piggy is healthy and makes it.


No C Section!

I am a proud to announce the birth of this beautiful baby girl Ms. Bruce Banner the 3rd..

After 18+ long hours of labor she was looking kind of rough but has quickly straightened herself out and is looking great with all her lady parts intact.!

For the next week I will leave the humidity dome on for most of the day and slowly climatize her to some wind training and gradually exposing her to the intense light above. Just about 50mm of ph'd H2o for now a day but by the end of the week she be drinkin some Megacrop, Sweet Candy & Sea-K !

I hope to see the second BB pop up today or tomorrow🙏

Day 4 update..

Day 5


The Galloping Gourmet

A Graham Kerr masterpiece 🙌

I think girls are drinking from the fountain now as they are looking a little greener, I haven't top fed them since day 5 and I think they have found the food!

Monkey Nutrients for lefty & Megacrop & Greenplanet for righty !

Who you got?

Monkey Nutrient feeding chart week 1 were at 380ppm using dc tap water 6.0ph

Megacrop , Sweet Candy & Sea-K mixed to 380 6.0ph

Amazing for day 11 & 10 💪


Even Steven

Its day 15 for CanaBanner & day 14 for MonkeyBanner and they both look extremely well Imo on their birthday👍💪 They look like they are ready start working out without me,

Both are drinking from the Mega fountain around 450ppm and both have been ph'd to 6.2 with Megacrop drifting to 6.8 this morning and Monkey creeping to 6.4 Both have been ph'd corrected back to 6.1. I added a litre of h2o around each pot creating some moisture as the basement is getting dry and I will be adding some clay balls today on top of both pots keeping the dust down as I know its going to get wind lol!

Train Train Train! Day16 &17 The girls have been moved into the 5x5 now and under 400+ watts They also had a little Saturday night training💪🎶

Day 19&20 for the dames ❤️



I don'tknow what happend but my weeks information is gone. So it is what it is. The 2 Banners are both doing well while drinking from different fountains with no definitive results to write about yet. Megacrop ph was quite a bit higher today rising to 6.8 while Monkey stayed at 6.2, both are feeding at around 680ppm. Monkey Banner has a little wind burn from the fan but nothing serious.. They are both 30' from 420watts listening to hair rock😂✔ I have trained them both twice, pinching off a few fans, letting in the light and air. Both look like they are ready to takeoff!


Don't make BRUCE angry..

Still vegging on day 29!

Bruce Monkey is showing some signs of light burn at 30" away from 400w while Bruce Mega is fine. I moved the girls one space left and shifted the light & fan a bit giving them a different environment. I will attach their umbilical cords this week and let them drink straight from the fountain ⛲️


Day 32, day 1 of flower 🌼

These 2 look excellent going into flower. Its time for a defoliation and a light training session💪 There has been no huge difference between the two that I see really, Megacrop is working very well I must say for first time in the Megapot. The plastic pot seems to be working great too 🤞🤞

New is excitingto me!

Day 35 Flush, Defoliation & training for BruceCana 💪


Monkey Banner, Train Train Train! She got the training and defoliation that she needed just like her mate did the day before. This Banner-off is exciting, they both are looking fantastic with some incredible sexy bodies.. 💪👌 I see big things..

CanaBanner had a small issue last night.. The main cola was a few inches higher than the side branching after yesterday's training so I readjusted it back down.. A few hours later I find it laying flat on the ground hanging by a thread wilted.. There was no chance of repair.

Day 43 !


The Dream Team 💪

Day 46 for Monkey Bruce & 47 for Mega Bruce and these two are starting to get big.

MegaB is doing great considering snapping her head off last week in training, she's in full stretch at the moment and is developing good budsites up and down her body. MonkeyB is right behind and showing some very good branching with very compact budsites. Overall MonkeyB is a bushier plant at the moment but I can honestly say they both are looking amazing❤️

Both are feeding at 1000ppm with a floating ph around 6.1

I am adjusting between 400w-550w


Day 48 training 💪

Monkey Banner is savage, the internal branching is off the chart good! She is looking on point to hit greatness again! These Megapots grow massive plantsmate 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😁


Ronnie vs Jay

2 Mighty #3 Auto Bruce Banners flexing 💪


November Snow Storm

These 2 are the frostiest plants that I think I have ever grown! There is so much frost on both its amazing to see! The ph is way off on both plants but MegaBruce was down in the 3's when measured with my new Blue Labs ph pen! I discovered my old one was cracked and was not registering properly giving me wrong information and I had no idea.

Lesson learned the hard way, double check your pen more frequently!


3 Weeks Until Christmas!

The count down is on for the Banner sister's! I think they will be done by Christmas from the looks of them. The buds are starting to get a little bigger and they are ridiculously frosty⛄️


Day 77

💥 The girls are looking fantastic & packing on the weight 🙌

MegaBruce is charging ahead of MonkeyB with much thicker and denser buds at the moment. Feeding is maxed out with both along with maxed out lighting at 650w

Next week a flush I believe but not definite.


Its like fall in Ontario!

The colors on both Banners are looking beautiful as they slowly start to fade ❤ Day 86 both plants got the big flush of 120l each! We are going to finish up very close to day 100 according to my Cana senses😅 We're at 650w getting some deep penetration feeding on ph'd h2o for the rest of the grow🙌


The Snow Angels

I think these 2 are the frostiest autos I have ever grown! From top to bottom there is trichomes covering everything!

Only ph'd h2o for the final 12 days or so. I'm giving the girls 500w+ watts and keeping the humidity low. I see them fading to black!


New Years Day

The 2 Banners won't get to see 2023 as they both are coming down today!

6 days after the chop

The final weight of these were so close with Mega Bruce edging the win with a final weight of 12.9 oz and Monkey Banner landing at 12.8 oz

Both super frosty

Buds below, Mega left Monkey right

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Bimmer Trash
Bimmer Trash
Oct 29, 2022

Not debatable, that my friend was drug abuse.. 🤣 Handle with care


Bimmer Trash
Bimmer Trash
Oct 01, 2022

I’m taking Megacrop and here is why. Although I believe Monkey is probably the superior product for “The Herb”, your extensive experience with Megacrop will win out in the end(as long as you aren’t second guessing yourself). I think we will see great results with both. However I think the buds will be bigger and denser with the Megacrop combo. Just my thoughts 🤷🏻‍♂️

Nov 10, 2022
Replying to

Were at the halfway point now and MonkeyBanner plant structure has more branching and has tighter bud spacing. They are acting a little differently from each other but nothing too drastic. Trichome production has started and we will see how they frost up🍻


Sep 18, 2022

Yeh all of that and its a reusable pot 🤟🤞


Got#420 #Skillz
Got#420 #Skillz
Sep 16, 2022

Interested to see which nutrients out performs the other 👍

Sep 18, 2022
Replying to



Bimmer Trash
Bimmer Trash
Sep 16, 2022

This should be interesting!!! 🍻