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#4 Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix (Night Owl) Canabucket

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

🦁The chosen one by a mile,

after a quick Instagram poll this came out as the one most requested for me to grow next. So this is the next strain I will be growing and testing out Cronk Nutrients for the first time. Also I will be growing this plant in a contraption I haven't used before but I have been thinking about trying for a while now. Its a hybrid of sorts combining dirt & dwc... I think it will work, I hope it will work..

Pictures and video to follow of the whole grow right here.


Germination time..


We have action almost 48hrs of floating👶🍼

BSS was planted👶 she is 15" away from 420 watts keeping warm.


Tuesday August 2nd

After 72hrs of basking in the heat I wake up to this...

Day 1

Baby BS 🤌

72 hrs up now.... 🤌👍

Good Saturday morning! I think Blue Sprayed Shoes has passed the early danger zone of getting fried right out of the womb. She is right on the edge of 410 watts of FC6500 power and is greening up! Her arms outstretched and she is leaning towards the other two plants👍👍 The feeding chart provided to me by Cronk says Cal/Mag & Monkey Juice for the first week with a ppm target range around 200 and that's where I'm at 200ppm/6.2ph @ 50mil pr day. I will slide her into her modified Hydrobucket in the next coming days and turn it on and eliminate top feeding.

Day 5, Super Soccer Sunday !!

280 ppm/6.0 ph of 👿Cronk today and her home is ready! Its a Hydrobucket Canastyled to home a 20ltr pail of dirt, its a hybrid bucket idea I have been thinking about for a little while now and I want to see if it works lol 🤞🤞


The Bouncy Castle

It's day 8 and Blue Sprayed Shoes is alive and looking good 👍 She hasn't been top fed since day 5 😯 I want her to dig for the water down below.. The water line inside the Hydrobucket is about level with the pot getting bubbled 😉

The ph has shot to 7.3 from 6.0 twice on me now😯 a few drops of phosphoric acid brings it back down. That is a big spike, I will be paying more attention to this and I hope this is just a one off🤞🤞

Cronk is easy to follow the feeding chart and I hope its effective in building big giant Cana plants 🪴👊

BBS is still right on the edge of some serious power for a young plant 🌞 I will very slowly slide her under the FC over the next weeks or sooner if I can. We'reat 420 watts! 24" away

I will be checking for ph bounce & the root! I let you know Bella 🙏

Lots of photos, video's and updates for BSS right here as the good stuff happens 🦉📣

Thanks for reading and following along 👐

Have an amazing week 👊

Cana ☮️❤️

Day 10

The ph was 6.7 again tonight. Thats too high !

I'mmixing some fresh nutes in the morning...

the mix is 17C

Day 12 The ROOT !!!

There is the little thing, curving to the left

I have suspended BSS above the nutrient line 3/4"with the first "C"ring 🤣🤌


Day 15 We are rockin the roots now!! In 48hrs the roots have exploded out the bottom!!

This is very cool, I wasn't sure if I stopped top feeding too early and I was going to screw her up right off the bat lol. But NO! Its all good in the hood!

She is right on the edge of now 550Watts and is feeling it, all her fans are crisped! I had to lift the FC about 9" to accommodated the Gorilla Punch as she is growing like a savage. I have 3 16' fans on the floor on full moving air big time hoping to keep the dames happy and healthy.

So BSS is getting it hard from the front the back from the bottom and top LOL

I have bumped up the Cronk to 440ppm & ph of 5.8.. I mixed an 8 liter batch last night and let it sit about 16 hours and today it was 440ppm & ph of 4.9.. I have adjusted it again back to 6.0 and did a reservoir change starting a new week. I have my eye on you Bonnie, you and your ph jumpy jump freakin me right out.. I hope Clyde cooperates better..

The solution down below is staying around 16-18 C at the moment, The ice holder on the side of the Hydrobucket works mint! An easy swap of a jug every morning is doing the trick!

Im thinking of topping her....IDK... I haven't completely decided yet... We will see.

Some big changes coming in a week or so! Stay tuned for that! hint.... photons!

Lots of details, photos & videos coming!

Thanks for reading!

love Cana xo

So far so good! the only real concern I have is the PH jump. It really fluctuates quite a bit. I'm using RO water and I'm following Cronks mixing guide starting with Calmag first.

I'm not bashing the Cronk I'm just letting you know my true experience with it👍👍

BBS is feeling the power of the 550+watts 🤞

Saturday morning res check!

3.8..... what in theee fuck.

I re adjusted the ph back to 6.1 with a temperature of 16°c at 830 am. I did another check at dinner time and the ph had moved to 6.5.

730am Sunday morning res check... 7.3 18°c... The PH goes up and down more than a busy hooker on a Friday night...

This is a nightmare 😫


The Cronkidial

Day 21

Good bye Bonnie .. Hello Clyde! I am on the flowering nutrient schedule now at 690 ppm w PH of 6.2, lets see if this is more stable than Bonnie.. I hope its better, I really do.. My first impression is not the best...

BSS is on the egde of fire as you can tell by her fans! They are fried! But... on a positive, the noding is really tight, not much in between👍😂

26" away from 530 watts is still too much lol, but I want that power for the other plants.. so she's getting it..

We have tons of roots! We have Promix floating around too 😂 Its making a hell of a mess let me tell you.. Canabucket 2.8 is in the works 🤣🚲

I have added a 2nd C ring to the pail 🤣😂👍 Yup, the 2nd C ring is on the pail🤌🤌

The 2 C's are suspending the 20ltr pail over 10liters of the bubbling Cronk, while the whole pail contraption looks like sheeit but its working 💪🤠 More Duct Tape 🤑

24hrs later, the ph is 3.5!

Busy Hooker Syndrome!

Week 5 (Flower)

Day 25...

Notes coming 🤌❤️

Day 27, I'msuper happy to say the ph seems much more stable using Clyde! She is floating between 6.0-6.3 the temperature of the solution is 16-18C

She is looking great after topping! But, the roots aren't as pretty.. the sludge building up on them & the air stone is super concerning... I will get a video up here soon of what I'm talking about. She is 12" away from 200 watts of Mars FCE6500 at the moment.


Day 28

Root Porn Time 🙈

Week 1, mid week

The Canabucket Lives!

Yes! Yes! Yes! It does!!

To me, this is what I live for, dreaming up something in my head and bringing it to life.. It is quite satisfying to see a plant growing in it doing alright!

I have not ever tried this rig before and I hope I haven't over looked something that will come back and haunt me and ruin the party.

On a very positive note regarding the Cronk ph issues I have been having, they are gone. like gone... The ph has been soild at 5.8-6.0 for days now.. This is a big relief because if Clyde was anything like Bonnie I would be quite sure this product and I would not be a good fit but I am happy to say this is not the case. We all good now! The root porn shows the results of The CronK as does the plant...

Saturday morning am res check.. 520ppm - 6.0ph 17c

Yesterday morning it was 690? 5.9...... Holy what? that doesn't seem right, maybe I need glasses but I'm almost positive about the 690..I have my eye on you lol

Super Soccer Sunday ⚽️

This is fascinating to see these numbers move this much in less than 24hrs 🙌


Panic in Detroit

Tuesday Day 35 am PH panic attack lol.. Dwc is scary ffs.....

Waking up to 911 with some crazy numbers. BSS looks great still riding the out of control PH freight train again lol. I though we were done with that situation but I guess not. It seems to be diving low..

Watching her feed, eating the numbers down is great to see, she likes the Cronk. The roots look great, the leaves look great and flowering like a mofo.. Dropping 100+ ppm every day.. along with the ph lol

Today, 24" away from 300 watts with a nice breeze from the west rocking out to Iron Maiden... I will be adding another fan to kick things up and get some big wind going. Its 24c with rh of 70.. That's enough of that so its time to drop her down below 60rh..

Its time for a defoliation and some training !

Thanks for reading and following along!

Have an amazing day! xo

Day 37 Morning panic attack again... 911


Elvis Rockstar Hair

Day 42!!

What a lid lol.. Just so perfect 🙌

Blue Sprayed Shoes is turning into a nice full bouquet 💐

The bud stacking on the branching is fantastic, nice and tight! just the way we like em' see,, nice and tight. The outer branching is trained out 28' wide letting in plenty of light, wind and plenty of space for all to grow!!

BSS drinks like a fish and she is liking the Cronk, the nutrient ppm number drops 100+ a day steadily. The ph is up and down again ;/ 5.3 this morning... I adjusted and topped up the bucket to 850ppm, ph of 5.8 16c.... The test bottles I received are getting light. I hope I don't run out lol ffs...



Day 50! This sexy plumper is turning out amazing. She is just stacked from top to bottom on all her branches with all prime bud sites exploding with love.

Everything about this girl is perfect, exceeding my expectations once again from the man himself Daz and NightOwl. The genetics are showing what amazing is all about..

This is the true definition of BBW ❤️

Cronk Nutrients is working very well despite the insane ph swing..

Day 57,

This is quite an easy plant to maintain other than the dwc part I have added. She has the perfect body🤣 Just buds busting out all over the place stacked tight! I'm tucking a few leaves here and there, readjusting some lst wires and doing some mild supercropping.

About 1000ppms of Cronk, ph is 5.9 or close..


The Fast n Furious!

We'reat day 64 and time is flying by and they that's what happens when your having fun! Aside from the frequent ph bounce it has been smooth sailing 🙌👍 I have pushed her to the max with feeding as she is showing some signs of that 1290ppm is too much so I have backed off a tad... The buds are starting to firm up nicely and starting to smell of candy! Amazing!! There are trichomes everywhere frosting her up from top to bottom on all the branches, a real beautiful plant🌹💖