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#7 Orange Sherbet Fastbuds (MegaPot)

Updated: May 9, 2023

This grow will be an attempt at the Prince of Wales or Mr. @autogrowswales insane 22+ oz haul using the Megapot & Monkey Nutrient combo.

Here we go ☮💓

Wow Orange Sherbet is giving birth too, same time as her partner Purple Lemonade👶


This 747 Is Ready For Take-off

Day 1 and she is already giving us a little muscle flex🤣 what a great sign to see. Sheis looking strong and healthy with all her parts perfectly in place, unlike her mate Purple L whose face looks a little cockeyed 😍

She will be drinking the Monkey juice this week! but for today its just a few oz's of ph'd h2o

and thats it. The humidity dome is saving her from 39%RH atmosphere and the 400 watts! But slowly I will climatize her to her new home.

Stay tuned 🌹😉🎶

She is looking good and happy for day 3

Day 5, She has her water wings on and in the pool of Monkey! Stress, Rootshoot & Grow!

Her partner PL is D.O.A.. A new recruit and second mate is on the way 🍇💜

WEEK 2 Vegetation

Big Orange 🍊

Sorry for the lack of information. I will get it together ❤️

Today is day 15! She is drinking 460ppm of Stress, Rootshoot & Bloom! I mixed the wrong bottle last night, I used Bloom instead of Grow. No biggie at all, but it wasn't my intention. I almost mixed Bloom A with Grow B, that's when I noticed the oops.


She is looking good for day 17, nice and green, nice side branching but she could be a little taller. No panic at all, she is not looking off, just kinda tight noding and maybe a little short. She is sitting under 400 watts today and 30" away from the light this week, I do change the watts regularly running 24-7 and I pretend we have cloudy days 😆🤌

Day 21 update 🤌💜


Orange Monkey 🐒

Day 25 already for this bushy girl who has been very quiet sitting in the corner patiently waiting for some attention. So today she gets lst'd to the ground 😄 Head, arms & legs. Spread eagle 🤣

This week the Monkey juice is up to 660ppm ph 6.1 with only about 1' in the tray. I noticed the bubbles have slowed down around the pot it seems compared to the other plants, I don't want to lift the pot off the tray to see what's up and mess with any roots but I'm going to do something. I will let you know..

Pictures coming 🍻


WEEK1 Flower


Bella is presenting again looking oh so beautiful 🤣🦚

Day 1 of flower I say. so we up the program and change gears to bloom! More food, more light, more wind and most of all more fun! It is time to move her to a new location in the tent giving her a new look at life and a new look at me😁 Change is good! Everything could use a little change!


Day 36 training before pictures. Orange Bella is looking incredible 👍👍


Gorgeous Orangeus!

Day 44 for this exciting beast woman rockin the Motley Crue hair cut all teased up 🤣🤟 Her leaves are praying and looking excellent showing me she is very happy with the program so far!

She is loving the Monkey juice at my new modified feeding schedule and the ph has been stable with no wild fluctuation to speak of! More training coming up this week👍💪


Sunny Days 🌞

Despite the major ph issues I've been having Big Orange hasn't suffered too bad and is hogging up a big part of the 5x5 🎅

The burnt tips are telling me where her maximum feeding is and I have backed off the throttle on the Monkey🙉🙈🐵

Sorry Bella but I need to know where we stand 🤣

Another defoliation and training is coming and that will be setting up all the prime bud sites with some space and letting some light down below 🤟☮❤


The Showgirl

Big Orange is starting to take up some serious space so she was moved off to her own 4x4 for the duration of the grow. Frosty from top to bottom and the buds are stacking up perfectly, she is definitely on her way to smash another big number📣🙈


💥Cruise Control Enabled💥

I couldn't hope for a better grow really 🙌 Orange Sherbet is looking fantastic and filling out beautifully. I have found her sweet spot for feeding I believe. It's unbelievable the amount of liquid she can drink!

MegaPot & Monkey Nutrients are one powerful combination 👍👍

Day 69 !!!



Wow has Big Orange morphed into a giant! She is a thirsty beast downing almost 10 liters a day! She is loving the Monkey juice mixed just under 1000ppm with an experimental feeding schedule!


Rocket Queen

End of the week flush, all said and done a 120L of ph'd dc went through cleaning her out down below. BIG watts of power and lots of big wind is doing the trick fattening up her buds. Its getting fruity in here ❤😍


Prepped & Ripped

Holy smokes this girl is swelling up so fast & looking fantastic, I think she will hit another BIG number. The Megapot Monkey combo strikes again! Big Orange has slowed right down with the water intake and is dying off fast! Not much longer to go💪🍻🙏



Day 94

Here are the final pictures before the chop🌹🪓

Drying nice and slow in a controlled environment, RH holding steady between 70-60 %

Guard dog Bentley

Final weight 💪

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How do I get the full grow of the sunset sherbet?

Nov 10, 2022
Replying to

Can you clarify a bit more of what you mean by full grow🙌🍻


Mr Greerz
Mr Greerz
Sep 28, 2022

That's been a good smoke for me! If anyone can beat Wales, it's...wait, can anyone beat Wales? Lol 👀

Oct 02, 2022
Replying to



Sep 28, 2022

I like that, I popped 5 of them today 🤣😉🔥✊🏼

Oct 03, 2022
Replying to


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