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#5 Jane 6 Trichomeclown (Autopot)

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The Funhouse

It's a great day for popping beans isn't it 💪🤡🤙

Gratis & Jane 6 from the legendary Trichomeclown will be swimming today 🐟

This next grow these 2 TC oddities will be growing in 5 gallon fabric Autopot's and I will be using Greenplane's Dual Fuel & Power Si Bloom 💥

Stay tuned sunshine here we go 👊



Exactly 24hrs !

32 hrs in the tub!


After 4 days of floating Jane 6 was 1" long ready to plant and Gratis is officially dead. Yesterday, day 3 of germination I made the executive decision to float anther bean 🤞 She just didn't pop and that does happen from time to time.

Here is the video of the planting of Jane 6 🤡🤟


The ugly baby 👶

It's officially day 1 for TC's Jane 6 who is up and looking a tadd disjointed🤪I don't know exactly what's missing or if she just shot out of the womb early with tiny body parts 😂

At least she is alive and ready to go... Gratis is no where to be seen... I have popped the 3rd bean today in hopes of germination🤞🤞 shit happens sometimes and this is one of those times.. One thing I noticed popping the 3rd today was the seed was very light in color compared to the 2 dark seeds that failed... 🤔🤔

G3 is floating in DC 6.5 tap water now🤞 I hope she goes and catches up.

Today J6 is 24" from 240watts of FCE6500 covered with her humidity dome toasty warm.

She had her first shot (25mil) of Greenplane's Dual Fuel 220ppm /PH of 6.1 🤟

Lots of updates coming 🦵💪

Its day 3 for Jane 6 and she seems to be getting her act together growing some new lady parts 😉🦄

I did a quick par check as I noticed she was praying this morning... Well she was getting 465 par which is too much for this little girl. I backed off the power a bit to 180watts from 200+ and brought the par level down to the low 3's🤌

-Still no sign of Gratis, 3 popped beans.... no dice so far.. I will pop the whole pack if I have to 😂🤣❤️ Shit happens..


The Elephant Girl

What an ugly creature👶 😢 🤣 I mean really 😂 Jane 6 has 5 arms, 4 eyes, 3 nipples and 1 crooked tooth 🤓

I don't know what she is doing but it ain't pretty.. She's a mess the doctor's would say 🙃 Just like me when I was born lol, ok not like the description above but my legs were a mess when I popped out too and I turned out to be a power skating mofo 🤌

I have turned on the bubbler in the Autopot and added 5 litrs of 450ppm/PH 6.1 of Dual Fuel juice week 2 on the chart!

Feed Me Seymour 👈

I hope she straightens the F out..

Now for Gratis 🙌....


All deader than dead....

I have tried my best with what I know and no dice... Nadda..

So I am going to reach out to the man himself Trichomeclown and ask him for some tips how he pops his gear and I will follow suit 🤞🤞


Day 12 !!

The first normal leaf !!!

I'm really glad to see this girl straighten out 🤟

Day 14 !!

We'rerockin now 🤌💪


Cross Eyed Mary

We'reinto week 3 of veg and Jane6 has still not quite sorted herself out yet lol🤪she is trying but really dragging her feet, or foot better said. She is missing all her parts on her whole one side of her body if you look carefully🦵💪🦻

She is way behind where she should be according to my boot camp schedule and definitely struggling.

But, we keep going!

I'm giving her a big load of Greenplanet's Dual Fuel mixed at around 650 ppm w/ph of around 6.1 hoping she starts chugging it from the Autopot tube.

The par level at the top of her head is 390 using 220 watts with the Mars FCE bars slid quite close together creating a very penetratingarea of light. 💡🔦

This is a very key week for Jane, she better shape up or else lol......

Day 19 update..


Burning Woman

Today I noticed some weird verigation on the leaves of Jane6 so did a check of the nutrients in the Autopot tray and the numbers were bad, 1150ppm 6.8 ph.. Flush time..

I did a re & re and set Jane back to 700ppm / 6.1 ph.

Last night I popped my head in to have a good night look and noticed a vapor coming out of the Autopot, so I got down on my knees and smelled it...seriously thinking something was burning....

WTF... burning, lol, what a dummy,

I did have 4 or 5 Old Milwaukee tall boys and a few bongo's 🤌🤣

Too funny 😁 🤡

Today Jane is 25" away from 300 watts of FCE power in 23c weather, RH of 75% & struggling away.. Its hard to watch this and get excited! 😪


Day 24.. Feel the Power of the Dark Side Luke...

Lopsided Tc Jane6 seems to be sorting out her problems... I have started using Power Si Bloom in the feeding program now using their chart provided.. Lets see what this stuff can do!


Inflated to 750 PSI

Day 29 For Jane6 & its time for a little defoliation and a flush. She is looking so much better now since adding PowerSi last week??? IDK... She looks great that's all I care about!

Janes's arms are huge, the side branching is fantastic, its almost an even canopy at the moment as the sides have caught up to the main cola already.

This girl is now turning out alright from the looks of her. I have inflated her to 750psi! (ppm) lol 6.2 ph and her leaves look good. Massive bloom is coming next, watch this get real!!!

She is 24' away from 350 watts of FCE6500 power these days.. NiN atm and she be loving it!

I went against the doctors advice and did a little training and defoliation on Jane6. I had to do it... just a little bit.

Yesterday I put 20 litrs of ph'd h20 through her and brought down any nutrient buildup in her mid section before phase 2. The numbers coming out were surprisingly low.. 1050ppm 6.4ph... the last reading I checked was 210ppm 6.1... Tomorrow back to the feeding schedule

End of week update, A defoliation & training was needed again today as the branching was getting all tangled and intertwined with no air getting around...I can't have that,.

Jane is finally looking alright and I think there is still time to see potentially a decent size plant here🤞 The calcium buildup and salts have started to appear on the outside of the fabric pot now getting ugly...


Looking Gratis !

Day 40 for this sexy single 70's retro chic rockin" the "full bush" hair is looking like she is ready to explode! No she has exploded and needs more room in the 4x4 to do her thing. 850ppm, ph'd to 6.1 of Dual Fuel & PowerSi is working great and the reservoir has been stable which is ideal🙌

400watts of power these days and temps of 23C/RH 62% more updates coming ☮️💜


Day 46

The Problem Child

It's too bad this girl had all her early problems with her legs as a child and never jumped out of the blocks clean. She has been doing the snail stretch this week, slowly stretching.. I hope we can get a little more height out of her because she is tight down below with her branches. A little training and defoliation is coming up🙌

950ppm of the PowerSi/Dual Fuel combo is where it's at and Jane is showing all the signs that she loves it.

Have an amazing week


How come there is no nutrients feeding Jane6? The system is clogged.. The parts used in the build of the Autopot are quite small and clearly clogable. No big deal just a little messy

This Autopot has stopped working on me 3 times now which is super concerning.


Jane Say's...

I'm thirsty she says! Other than the feeding mechanism that keeps failing on this Autopot, everything else is fine, I feel I am doing something wrong and I will look into what I'm doing wrong with it. She is a still a little smaller than I plannedon but is still slowly stretching and slowly bushing out and there is still hope for her to fulfill my goal of a 6-8oz per plant 🤞🤞

She is now feeding at about 1000ppms of Dual Fuel & PowerSi ph'd to 6.2 and that solution has been super stable which is great🙌 Today the tent is at 420 watts and that has been fluctuating from me messing with different light heights.

Saturday night defoliation,Jane needed it bigtime. She was getting so bushy deep inside

End of the week wrapped.

WEEK 5 (Flower)


This week was insane.. wayyy to much going on and my diaries didn't get full updates.. So here is the weeks synopsis..

I for the life of me cannot get this Autopot to work properly.. It mostly doesn't flow to the plant.. or it continuously flows and completely floods my tent draining my reservoir.. its one or the other... At the moment I'm hand filling the tray... The fun factor is a 0, its day 64.

Jane is smelling like cheese 🧀 its nice! The buds are stacking up nicely and plumping up fast. She didn't stretch much which is a shame but being crippled from the beginning might have had something to do with it..

She's drinking when she can 😆 950ppm of Dual Fuel ph'd to 6.0..

Not a ton of time left with her



Bad Hair day

Day 72

I have had enough of this Autopot, it has sucked the fun out of this grow for me and it's sucking the life out of Jane6 too.

I need to do some research how to dial this system in because I feel I have no control with it.

She is swelling up nicely and smelling gassy and almost a cheese? It makes me gag a bit which is a good sign. It looks to me a potassium deficiency going on and that doesn't surprise me as the nutrients don't flow...

The count down is on!



🤟We made it 🤟

Day 83 day 3 of flushing Jane!


Jane6 Is ready to pop and ready to drop!

She is so close to the end now with only a few days left packing on weight swelling up really nice! The buds are firm and thick and smelling of cheese, gas and fruit.

Day 97, The ending is here! Jane6 is done and coming down today and off to dry. Her buds are as dense as ever and absolutely maxed out!

Day 5 of d