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#1 Marathon OG (DarkOwl)

Updated: Feb 6, 2023


Hi & hello👋

After a short hiatus from publishing my plant diaries, I'm back with a vengeance 👊

Right here on my own forum, Cana's xxx diaries🤣😆

I will be posting lots of updates of all my plants from seed to smoke with all the dirty in-between that really happens in my garden.

I will try my best with photos, video's and writing to get my thoughts to you.

Planting, feeding, training, topping, defoliating, flushing, drying, curing, processing, smoking & plenty of diy experiments will end up here.

There will be lots of new products I will be trying and testing out for full honest reviews with no BS.

So lets get right to it, my first diary will be from DarkOwl seeds and it's Marathon OG Auto grownin a Megapot using Monkey Nutrients 🐒

Let's go👊


Thanks for having a look at my diary Marathon OG from DarkOwl!

This strain is a rare calibration from Night Owl And Dark Horse Genetics and I purchased them at The Seed Bazzar online.

I was sent a 4 pack of MegaPot's from the UK🇬🇧(39lts/10gallon ea) to try out,

I was also sent the full line of Monkey Nutrients to try and use in conjunction with the MegaPot📣🙈🙉🙊






Wow, what a grow🙌 Marathon OG turned out to be a stunning beast of a plant that pulled 16.33oz 1+pound of fire.

The nugs are tight and quite dense, sticky and frosty. They are on the smaller side compared to the large colas I typically grow, but I believe this was due to me stretching the plant. I just was in trim jail for hours paying the price🤌🙊.


Smoke Review

MOG was chopped down and hung to dry for 7 days in total in my climitized drying 4x4 tent. Temperature was 20°c and the RH held steady between 62%-65% with the help of a water wick and fans. After the slow dry, all the buds were trimmed and then transferred to a 20ltr food grade bucket to cure.

The first bong rips I tried were extremely earthy gas and nothing much more . I didn't get any pleasant or pleasing tastes other than dirt and fuel. The high is really good, it gives a nice quick head kick then followed up with a nice body buzz. I find myself a tad unorganized or almost forgetful at times shortly after a packed bowl or 2. It's an evening smoke or at a time when you don't have alot to do that day and want to chill, try MOG.

~2 1/2 weeks of Curing~

When I open the bucket to burp and do an air exchange it ranks of dirty, sour, gas lamp vapor; salty fruit that's strong and lingers forever. - bong rips are getting tasty, the earth is still there but getting smoother with a nice creeping high that lasts a good while. There is a subtle tart on the lips I can taste that is really nice. -first dabs I tried were fantastic, very smooth and the flavor is amazing 🙌 I'mno dab king like @smashdabs. I get crushed from dabs & MOG does just that, its a Tyson Fury uppercut ko.. A true destroyer, definitely not for light weights like some of us lol 😆 -The Yocan Regen dab pen is what I use most when smoking rosin and MOG is perfect in it. I can't describe the taste other than it tastes fuckin great 🤌 It'sa hard hitting, strong terpy concentrate with a beautiful texture that is great for pens.  

~1 Month Cure~

If you are fortunate enough not to smoke your curing MOG before its done, you are in for a treat. The smell has drastically changed when opening the cure bucket now, its quite a vaporous salt and fresh? Its very intriguing, I keep sticking my head in the bucket trying to figure out what it is🤔 😆🐔The taste on the lips now when smoking it is tart with almost a faint lemon.  It's quite earthy, zesty on the exhale which is very nice and quite different. She packs a great punch I must say leaving my eyes bloodshot, half closed and heavy with a few good rips off any J or bong.

Another update coming in a few months 🙌 ☮️❤️





~The Hot Tub~

My germination method for MOG.

I took 1 cup of tap water that had sat out on a table for 24 hrs (de-chlorinated) and I ph'd it to 6.4

I took 1 MOG seed and carefully floated it in a cup of the ph'd water and covered it, placing it on a heating mat set to 78°C🏖

36hrs later of still floating in the hot tub she popped and had a 1' root and was ready for planting. I washed my dirty hydro balls well with tap water in the sink 👀 and poured them 3" high in the bottom of a 10 gallon fabric pot. The rest of the pot was filled with moistened Promix and MOG was planted off to one side 1/2" under the soil tail down.

I gave her 1 cup of (PH'd) DC water directly on her to start and covered her with a clear plastic cup/dome to create humidity and another litre of h2o around the rim of the pot.

She was then placed in my 4x4 tent and into a Mega tray sitting 38" away from 400watts of Mars Hydro FCE6500 power.

24/7 lighting schedule is the plan for the this grow.

72 hrs later baby MOG was up bright eyed with all her parts intact ready to go 💪👶🤌


Week Photos

Week 1 (Vegetation)


Day 1

~Living on The Edge~

Hi & welcome to week 1 of the Diary of a MOG🦇

MOG is living on the edge of the light footprint of 400watts of an adjusted Mars FCE6500 light. I moved the led bars 4" apart covering a 2x4 area creating a much more powerful penetratinglight😎

24/7 lighting schedule is the plan along with the sounds of Bob Marley, Ras Tinny, Trent Rezner & Peter Steele keeping them happy and occupied🎵❤️

She is covered with her dome mostly but it's removed a few times per day giving her an air exchange and a good workout from the fans🌬

I'm using the Monkey Nutrients feeding chart as my guide and have altered it a bit starting the program on day 1 👶

-Day 1, 3 & 5 I feed her 1 cup of Monkey juice 250ppm / pd'd around 6.2 also I gave her 1 liter of ph'd dc tap water twice around the rim of the pot adding moisture.

Wish us luck!

Thanks for reading and following along🙌

Until next week☮️❤️

Week Photos

Week 2 (Vegetation)

Week 2 veg day (8-14)

~Rumble in The Jungle~

Hi and welcome back to the MOG diary🦇

I startied bottom feeding by adding 2" of Monkey juice (week 2 formula) in the Mega tray with the bubbler on.

The temperature is 25°C with RH around 62% in the 4x4 at the moment.

I removed the humidity dome giving her full wrath of the fans and FCE power with hopes of toughening her up quickly🦵💪

There was a ton of Promix being blown all over the tent from the fans on high, so I added 1" of clean hydroton balls on top of the pot to stop the Promix from being blown around🌬👍

The 2 initial large fan leaves were pinned/lst'd down to help the little plant from being blown around so much from the fans on high.

Deephouse is the ticket this week with the Soundcore thumping, it is on 24/7 just like my lighting schedule, 24/7

Music always keeps the girls happy in a beach like party setting for their lives in my Cana garden👙🤌🍅

Sitting 39" away from Mars Hydro FCE6500 power dialed to 400 watts , she is right on the edge of all that power🔥 I will slowly move her under this beast of a light without frying her🤞

I really love how these Mars FCE series bar lights slide together to whatever size you want for maximizing a grow space🤙🤙

Seriously badass and ideal IMO 🙌

Thanks for reading and following along.



Week Photos

Week 3 (Vegetation)

Days (15-21)

Hi, thanks for having a look at my diary of Marathon OG (MOG) 🦇🍻🙌

She is doing amazing so far with my workout routine showing no signs of stress, only loving her time here in Cana's garden 🤙🍅

She is still 38" away and now completely under the closley spaced Mars Hydro FCE6500 set to 400watts 🔥🔥. Lotsof wind in the tent from a fan on full is creating a great environment and a great workout for MOG💪🦵

She is soaking up this 24/7 lighting schedule & rocking out in the pit to old school hair rock🎵 sipping Monkey juice from down below in the Mega Pot 🤣 🐒🇬🇧

Week 3 of the Monkey feeding chart is where I'm at. Just backing off the the ppm's a tadd, in the neighborhood of 650ppm and a ph of 6.0ish. The umbilical cord is now attached to the MegaPot for automatic feeding and I have adjusted the nutrient level to 3" in the Mega tray and 10liters in the reservoir🤙 This is so convenient and so easy I absolutely love it, alot different from what I have been doing for so long🤌

I have started her lst training this week by removing all the folage fans on the one side of the plant I plan on pushing over towards the soil. Gently, I slowly push her over and install lst hooks to hold Ms.OG in place without snapping her or letting her back up. I don't want her to actually touch the soil as that could cause an infection or disease, I just want her to grow sidways 🤪

These hooks are plastic coated coat hangers purchased from the Dollar Store cut and bent to whatever size I like and used for training, pinning,bracing and other useful things.

That'sit for week 3 and I can clearly see this plant is reacting very very well to the MegaPot & Monkey Nutrients. I can't wait to see what this MOG is going to do🐒📣 Thanks for reading and following along🙌

Have an amazing day ☮️ ❤️


Week Photos

Week 4 (Vegetation)


~Keeping Her Down~

Ms. OG is trying so hard to rise up from her 10gallon pot but Cana says no to that🍅 My plan is to grow her as flat as I can and fill out her home before she goes into stretch.

So she is still 38" away from 400watts of FCE6500 power and loving every moment of it I can see. She does get spun a few times a day to get a good blasting from all sides from the fan & radio, we're still cranking hair rock this week again 🤣😆🎵

The Monkey & MegaPot combination is amazing and I'm seeing some amazing results. I'm up to 700+ ppm's following the feeding chart riding my ph between 5.9-6.1 in the rez and MOG is enjoying the cocktail.

Her first major defoliation and training session went perfect as planned with no disastrous moments 🤙 She has really filled out nicely now after training and looks like she could end up being a savagely huge plant🤙🤞

I will keep up the steady feeding and training in hopes I can build me a strong monsta woman beast plant.

I see preflowers starting 🤩😍👙🤟

No rest for the wicked, time to crank things up another gear or 2, turn the screw, bake the cake & shoot the moon in week 5🔥🤌

Thanks for reading and following along☮️❤️


Week Photos

Week 5 (Flower)


~Preparing for Lift-off~

MOG bounces back so quickly from the canastyle training boot camp she has been receiving, I think you could top this strain and get great results👍👍

There is not alot to report this week other than she has completed filling out the whole 10gallon pot and ready for another defoliation very soon, she has the 70's look going on, full bush🤣🐔

Im on the same 24/7 lighting schedule and now at about 34" away from 400watts of the FCE6500 🔥

The Monkey juice reservoir is 700-750ppm with the a varied ph between 5.8-6.1🐒

I thought there would be a little more stretch by now but maybe, I'm hoping, I'm praying it's still coming🤞

She looks very healthy to date with no signs of any nutrient deficienciesor pests. I said before this plant has the chassis of something very special, I hope this grow all works out, it's almost too smooth going and I don't want forget or overlook something and jinx it🤞🤞


Next week she grows up instead of out🤌

Thanks for reading,

Have an amazing day ☮️ ❤️


Week Photos

Week 6 (Flower)


Week 6 day(36-42)

~Houston, We Have a Problem~

I spoke too soon last week about things were going to smooth....

No way these 2 plants are going to fit in my 4x4 comfortably. Or if I could make it work it would be a nightmare to deal with. The other MegaPot I have in there is getting massive and there is not enough fan space for another good fan to fit.

I think both of these girls should have the space they need to really shine and flex their muscles properly 💪 So I have decided to move MOG from the 4x4 to the 5x5 under a Mars Hydro FC6500,the tent is equipped with 2 fans & radio and all the space she needs to grow comfortably🎵❤️

Im still only using 400watts of power, but now it's FC power!

FC6500 is the non sliding led bar version from Mars Hydro that is a badass light that I love and I know makes big greasy buds🤙

This light is 33" away from MOG and on 24/7 lighting as well.

MOG is eating 750ppms of Monkey juice at the moment, but I'm looking at my supply that was sent to me to try out... I'm getting low, dangerously low.. like I won't have enough to finish the grow...

I have put a call in to my good pal @autogrowswales to hook me up with Bulldog & Jay over at Monkey Nutrients for a top up, I just hope it gets here before I run out🐒🇬🇧🇨🇦

I have been mostly leaf tucking and leaf pinching here and there without a major defoliation. I adjust the lst hangers where needed for training trying to give everyone enough space to do their thing.

She is really filling out now and in full stretch, I hope this was the only hurdle I encounter🤞🤞

Thanks for reading and following along 🤟

Have an amazing day ☮️ ❤️


Week Photos

Week 7 (Flower)

Week 7 Day42-49

~OG Rising~

Thanks for having a look at my MOG diary.

The big stretch is finally on! 🙌 I was starting to think possibly it wasn't going to happen, but it has begun 🤟 The branching is soft & pliable so nice for training.

Another major defoliation & lollipop was done letting more air and light inside the middle of the plant. Some of the leaves were pressed very tight together that no doubt if left unattended would have developed (PM) Powdery Mildew, almost guaranteed.

Lots of air movement throughout your tent and directly on your plant itself is so very important for pest management, reducing leaf infections and super important for making big fat buds👈

We're now 28" away from 400watts of FC6500 power on 24/7 lighting schedule 25°C /RH of 55% & raving out in Abiza🎵😆💕 Seriously, plants thrive to music, try it and see for yourself 💪🍅

It's still too early for any awards or any super praise yet but I'mnoticing some crazy growth on my 2 plants first time trying Monkey Nutrients 🐒 🙈 🙊

I'm following their feeding chart like I normally would for any other brand and adjusting it a bit to what numbers I like and seeing fabulous results. This week Im up to 800ppm with a ph of 6.0 not pushing it too much, MOG is in savage mode.. I like it. I like it alot.

The Mega/Monkey combo is legit.

Stretch baby, stretch, 🤞

Thank you for reading and following along, See you next week.

Have an amazing day ☮️ ❤️


Week Photos

Week 8 (Flower)


~Jacked Double Biceps~

I wake up to find MOG flexing her biceps across my 5x5 💪😎💪

WTF happened overnight lol, there is some wild stretch going on at the moment. The last defoliation and lollipop was a great setup with perfect timing. Im lst'ing all over the plant where needed, bending, supercropping and wire tying the branches down giving the 2nd, 3rd & 4th row of colas room to grow.

I'malways leaf tucking trying to expose bud sites but it seems about once a week including this week, she gets defoliated.

The tent is a breezy 24°c w/ RH of about 50% right where I want it and that is easily controlled with my 6" extraction fan set to #4 on full time. If I decrease it at all the RH will climb above 60%.

I have 2 -16" oscillating fans at different hights on full creating that air movement that is key for a great environment 👍

The MegaPot is such a great addition to my garden , I like the concept of the auto feeding, the air bubbler, using big fabric pots & I like the design of it🤙

Monkey Nutrients is one impressive nute company, I'm seeing better than average results this grow using it on 2 different plants & using 2 different genetics🙌👏

My only problem, I have only a few more res top-ups and then I'mcompletely out of it, nowhere near enough to finish this grow. There is a big box shipped and it's on its way from the UK, I hope it arrives soon.


Week 8 of the feeding chart at almost full strength now with a fluctuating ph of around 6 is working great imo.

I see big things coming in the next few weeks with MOG the way she is turning out, but I don't want to get over confident and jinx something👈

Wish me luck👌

Thanks for reading my MOG diary 🙌

Have an amazing day & I will see you next week ☮️❤️


Week Photos

Week 9 (Flower)

Week9 (56-63)

~The Good & The Bad & The Ugly~

Hi and thanks for following along life of Marathon OG (MOG)

She's presenting like a peacock in heat 🦚 in all her glory now looking damm fine.

I have supercropped her to slow her down but some of the branches are still stretching like crazy. This Mega/Monkey contraption is freaking me out 🤟

It's a very powerful forgiving beast of a growing system that has my full attention of wtf is the reason for these 2 massive autos I'm growing now.. Is it the MegaPot or is it the Monkey sauce 🤔 😳 I don't know what exactly is responsible for the growth, but I'm really impressed so far with the results using this combo together that is for sure❤️

I'm at basically full strength with the nutes on week 9, I did flush the pot from above with 20 liters of a ph'd cal-mag solution to clean out any nutrient build-up in the 10gallons of Promix and let her air dry for a day before opening the reservoir valve and refilling the MegaPot tray with new 950ppm 6.0ph'd Monkey solution.

I'm getting ugly algae and calcium build-up on the outside of the pot I don'tlike to see. So I have carefully shop vacuumed the ugly off and sprayed the pot with a hydrogen peroxide/ water mixture to naturally eliminate any more or at least reduce or control it🤞🤞

I have enough nutrient mix for 20 litrs or about 4-5 days the way she is drinking, it is something else to see watching the level drop so quickly. I don't think the new shipment of nutrients will make it in time so I will have to make a big decision as to what I will have to use in place of Monkey until it arrives.. I will decide the last minute the last second as I am hopeful it may arrive on time 🤞

I can't believe how time is flying but looking at how many actual days we're at and I see a finsh line in about 3-4 weeks maybe🤟 Time to pay attention as to when I will be starting to flush her.

Lst never stops with me on a plant really, I will adjust wires, add wires or reposition whatever it takes to give every bud site enough room to grow without touching each other.

Leaf tuck, defoliation & lollipop are some of my middle names 🤣

Thanks for reading and following along 🤟

Have an amazing day ☮️ ❤️


Week Photos

Week 10 (Flower)

Week10 day


~Trust Your Instincts~

Hello again and thank you for reading my diary and adventure of Marathon OG

The structure of the plant has basically grown the way Daz has described it here,

"Expect large plants that produce heavy branching that can require staking late in flower. They also stretch quite a bit, so be prepared! Flowers are dense and caked in resin that reeks of Earthy OG gas with golf ball size nugs"

This is exactly what is going on here with this baby, she is getting huge and doesn't show signs of slowing down💪

The Mars FC6500 is absolutely crushing it again, these lights are excellent for growing great crops. I'm very confident in what these lights can do, they prove themselves to me over and over every time👌 I haven't used more than 400watts for this entire grow. The FC6500 max's out at 660+ watts.

24/7 lighting is working very well for me and MOG seems to agree. Ras Tinny and Alpha Dupstep is always appropriate at anytime during your grows or a workout🎵

I am officially out of Monkey juice and MOG needs to eat right now😪 😢 😩

So for this next 10 liters I mix up it will be Megacrop. I have used it enough to know what it does and I'm hoping there is no bad reaction mixing these 2 different brands together 🤌 950ppm/5.9 ph this week

I'm trying hard to keep this algae from growing on the side of the pot but it keeps coming back🤨 Something I will need to work on eliminating in the future 🤔🤔

I'm thinking of starting the flush next week sometime.. The colors are slightly changing it looks like to me?? I like about 2 weeks of flush myself, 10-14 days when growing in soil🤙

Fingers crossed, I see the finish line not too far away but there is still alot of work to be done. Stay tuned 🤞👌

Thanks for reading and I hope you have the best day☮️❤️


Week Photos

Week 11 (Flower)


~The Beginning of the End~

Hi and welcome back to the MOG diary👋

Well the eagle has landed, the duck is in the pond or what ever you want to call it, the mother of all boxes shows up filled with about 2 years worth of Monkey Nutrients 🤣😆 I probably have the largest stash of Monkey Nutrients in Canada considering its unavailable here🤣🇨🇦🇬🇧🤌

I'm not kidding on that either, I have jugs and jugs lol omg 😂

I managed to use only 20 litres of Megacrop solution mixed in over the last 6 days, in the grand scheme of things that is nothing,I made it far enough along I think.

So she is getting a big flush of straight ph'd h2o, probably 40 litrs in total. After a few days I will fill the reservoir with the same plain ph'd h2o and thats what she will be getting for the rest of the grow🤙

The fade is hitting hard and the colors on her are coming out quickly.The buds are ripening up and are quite sticky while turning a pinkish purple getting quite covered in frost 👌

I'm still spinning her at least twice a day getting lotsof air all over her body, keeping her happy from the two fans on full rip. The FC6500 is solidly doing its job making me some big o'l fat buds like it always does 😎 24hrs lighting schedule with Deep House keeping it real🤙

My 6" exhaust fan is now set to #5 bringing my RH down to 45% and the temperature is 24°C which is ideal in late flower👍

It's hard to believe that next week this plant is coming down🎯 Where did 11 weeks just go🤔🤪

Thanks for reading and I will see you next week at the finish line 🏁

Have an amazing day 🙌



Week Photos

Week 12 (Harvest)


~Chapter 12 The End~

Hi and welcome back to the diary of a MOG

"Thats all she writes Vince"

says Jesse The Body Ventura👈💪😎

MOG has basically stopped drinking from the fountain and is quickly drying. I have disconnected her feeding tube from the reservoir so that's it for the H2o. The 10 gallon fabric pot feels so heavy I think that is enough liquid in there for her for a few days at the rate she was drinking it..

She's looking beautiful, almost completely yellowing & oranging out and she has a strong gas or fuel smell that I can feel on my eyes.

She is completely covered in frost top to bottom, the trichomes are completely cloudy with close to 10% amber👍 I think this will be pretty good in the Nugsmasher👊 The nugs are dence & swollen to their max on this plant I think. The spacing of buds on MOG is not perfect or the way I normally like to grow a plant but this is the way she ended up. Her DWC partner in the 5x5 was much taller then MOG and the FC6500 light hight was set for that plant leaving MOG a little farther away from the light than I normally would grow a plant. Therefore the stretch in MOG.. I believe if I would have pushed the light closer to this girl I could have achieved tighter bud stacking.. That equals less time in trim jail🤣✂️

So its just a waiting game for the next few days, She could come down now but she

is coming down Friday night on my Instagram Live✂️🍻🤌

I will add more detailed updates to this diary such as, drying & curing, smoke reports, smash reports and final conclusions of what I encountered and experienced with all the new equipment I tried for this grow.

Thanks for taking the time and having a look at my Diary of MOG 🙌

☮️Peace & ❤️Love



Week Photos

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